The Why Microcaps? Team

The creation of Why Microcaps? was a result of many conversations Todd Massedge and his friend, site co-founder, Scott Felsenthal had about some of their mutual microcap investments. It quickly became apparent that they both had a passion for creating something that would help get the word out on why every investor should look at microcaps as a highly investable asset class. Why Microcaps? was born as a result. 

While Scott no longer is involved with Why Microcaps?, Todd and himself continue to be good friends and often times find themselves in deep discussions about microcaps. 

If you have a passion for microcap investing and want to join as a contributor, please contact Todd.

Todd Massedge

Todd Massedge
Co-Founder and Contributor
Stratford, CT

“It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that." -Warren Buffett

Todd is the Founder of the AlphaTree Group and its sister sites AlphaTree Investing and The Invest Like the Street Program. He spends the majority of his time managing money for his family, as well as teaching college students and adults about investing. Prior to that, Todd worked as a buy-side analyst for a value-based asset manager, and as a credit analyst for a few years out of college. He is also an avid writer of investment research and helps high-quality microcap companies get their names in front of investors. 

Todd was attracted to smaller, lesser known companies like microcaps, just like Warren Buffett was in his early days of investing. As a smaller investor, Todd has learned there is quite a large advantage to investing in microcap companies, mainly because of the lack of information and competition from Wall Street. It’s this exact advantage that Todd hopes to better educate personal investors on through Why Microcaps?

You can follow Todd on twitter @toddalphatree.

Contributors to the Blog

Louis Basenese
Nashville, TN

For the last decade, Louis has been providing independent economic and equity research for individual and institutional clients.

A former Morgan Stanley investment consultant, Louis helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital before leaving and co-founding Wall Street Daily, which quickly became one of the web’s largest financial publishers with a daily circulation of more than 700,000 readers. In 2014, he founded Disruptive Tech Research to pursue his investing passion, and fill the void in the market for high-quality, 100% independent research on disruptive technologies.

Lou focuses primarily on small and microcap stocks...particularly, ones with no analyst coverage. Why? Because they represent the last great frontier of inefficiency, which can still be exploited to gain a significant informational advantage.

Louis’ expertise has earned him regular appearances on CNBC, as well as other media mentions, including in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Morningstar, MarketWatch, and MSN Money. 

Follow Lou on twitter at @LouBasenese.

Maj Soueidan
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Maj Soueidan is a full-time investor and co-founder of (click here to learn more about GeoInvesting and to receive a substantial discount!). Geoinvesting is a place where a growing community of investors from different walks of life are working together to find great stories to invest in. He enjoys helping others understand the advantages of investing in smaller homegrown U.S. companies to supplement their overall investing strategies.

Microcaps appeal to Maj due to the information arbitrage opportunities they provide. An arbitrage exists when a disconnect between stock prices and available public information on a company is noticeable, and monetarily worth pursuing. Sometimes, the mispricing of micro-caps can be substantial. This strategy has “paid dividends” for many investors. But there is no better strategy in the stock market than to look for opportunity where others are not looking, and generally that is in microcaps.

Follow Maj on twitter at @majgeoinvesting . 

Dan Gager
Nashville, TN

Dan is an Equity Analyst for a Family Office based in Nashville, TN.  At an early age his passion for investing took off as he and his grandfather managed his college fund.  Shortly after receiving his MBA in 2010 he landed a position as an equity analyst with the MidSouth Investor Fund, a small micro cap value hedge fund. 

Working at the MidSouth Fund he invested and studied many different microcap companies and learned important nuances within microcap investing. 

As a contributor to Why Microcaps?, Dan hopes to be able to share lessons he has learned over the years of investing in microcap stocks.

Follow Dan on twitter at @DanielGager.






Michael Liu
Pennington, New Jersey

Michael is a 17-year old high school senior (yes, you read that right!) with a passion for microcap investing. Despite his young age, he’s been investing for over four years, and cannot wait to spend the next leg of his life in the industry. He is always striving to learn more, and can often be found reading or researching new microcaps. In order to better experience microcap businesses, Michael even interned with the senior management team of MTBC, a microcap healthcare IT company, where he gained significant insight into the “other side” of public companies. He hopes to one day become a microcap fund manager and continue his passion for investing.

Michael invests in microcaps not only for the investment opportunities arising from the undercoverage of the space, but also for the investor opportunities that exist. The ability to attend conferences, interview managements, and collaborate with professional investors – even as a “nobody” individual investor – is nonexistent in the large cap market yet also invaluable to gaining investing experience. In the microcap space, Michael has found incredible opportunities to learn about investing and develop his investment career.

Michael always enjoys collaborating with others and sharing his investment ideas via Seeking Alpha, MicroCapClub, and, of course, Twitter (@michael2017l).