Investor Resources

The following resources are available to current and/or prospective microcap investors. Whether you are new to the world of microcaps or whether you are an experienced microcap investor, there is something below for everyone. Browse around and discover all the resources that are available to you.

If you have any recommendations for additional resources to be added, please contact us.


The Investor's Backpack is a resource dedicated to you, meant to make information about many North American microcaps available at your fingertips.

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There are several worthwhile free sites to follow that are dedicated to covering microcap companies in the USA and Canada. These sites are run by very intelligent individual private microcap investors as well as various small organizations. In addition, there are several very good websites that are great resources for individual microcap investors, whether because it provides a culmination of microcap company news and/or whether it provides access to company filings and other material. 

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There are multiple subscription-based microcap investing sites that allow you to invest alongside, and interact with, some successful microcap investors. Subscription services can be helpful for some investors, but we just caution you to ensure that you always do your own due diligence rather than blindly follow other investors into a position.

If you are going to pay for a service, our recommendation is to pay first for MicroCapClub, mentioned above, if you do not wish to write an article for submission to become a free Member. However, if you would like supplemental subscriptions, we recommend you click the link below to learn more about some that are available to you.

MicroCapClub ("MCC") 

Founded in 2011, MicroCapClub was created to be a platform for experienced microcap investors to share and discuss microcap stock ideas trading on US and Canadian markets. You can join the community as a MEMBER by submitting a company write-up and being voted in by current members, or as a SUBSCRIBER by paying an annual fee and having only "read-only" access.

Scott is an active member of MCC. The community of individuals in MCC are dedicated microcap investors who are always always eager to learn and become the best investors that they can be. Ian Cassel and Mike Schellinger do a fantastic job executing upon their vision for the club, and it truly is their mission and vision that WhyMicrocaps? is trying to further advocate. The annual MCC Leadership Summit that they put on is an amazing event as well that I would highly recommend to any member or subscriber. 

Joining MCC should be a no-brainer for any investor interested in microcap companies. Learn more by clicking the button below.