Free Resources

Below are several worthwhile free sites to follow that are dedicated to covering microcap companies in the USA and Canada. These sites are run by very intelligent individual private microcap investors as well as various small organizations. In addition, several resources are listed below that are great sources for individual microcap investors, whether because it provides a culmination of microcap company news and/or whether it provides access to company filings and other material. 


Todd and I, as well as our contributors, frequently update our blog with all kinds of content relating to microcaps. Feel free to check back often for new content!


Espace MC

Espace MicroCaps was founded in March 2014 by Philippe Bergeron-Belanger and Aaron Lanni with the initial objective to share educational content on microcap investing and investment ideas. To pursue a career as a financial analyst for a wealth management firm, Aaron left the project in May 2015 and Philippe recruited his longtime friend and an important member of the Espace MicroCaps community, Mathieu Martin, to help him realize his vision.

Espace MicroCaps is a community of microcap investors with a growth-value philosophy. Their in-depth research and due diligence aims to put growth capital at work for the most promising public firms in Quebec and Canada with a long term investment horizon.

Philippe is a personal friend to Scott and someone that he has enjoyed collaborating with over the years. 

Base Hit Investing

Base Hit Investing is an excellent blog that helps investors adopt the right mentality and mindset that we believe is crucial to being successful with microcap investing. The site is run by John Huber, who is the portfolio manager of Saber Capital Management, LLC, a value-focused investment firm. Saber’s objective is to compound capital over the long-term by making investments in undervalued stocks of high-quality businesses.

Saber’s approach to investing is based on the general principles of value investing. Stocks are pieces of businesses that should be analyzed by thinking critically about the economics of the business, its durability against competition, its future prospects, the effectiveness of management and their track record, and the price that a private buyer would pay for the entire company. A Saber portfolio is typically a concentrated portfolio. 

Stock News Now ("SNN") is a microcap financial news portal that features news and insights from the microcap and emerging growth financial community. is a multimedia destination hub for information about microcap and emerging growth public and private companies, market events, news, bulletins, stock quotes, expert commentary and company profiles that feature SNN-produced video like SNNLive CEO video interviews, as well as their latest news and headlines. Users can engage directly and share the information provided through social media.

Follow the companies YOU want to know more about; read and watch content from YOUR favorite microcap, emerging growth financial experts; register to attend financial conferences of YOUR choosing; find microcap and emerging growth financial professionals that YOU may be looking for - all here on

Alpha Tree Investing

Run by our very own Todd Massedge,  AlphaTree Investing is an investing research and educational platform, created to help people of all ages become better investors. In addition to providing high quality research on small and micro-cap stocks, AlphaTree Investing includes an investing resource platform where users get get access to a company's investor presentation SEC/SEDAR filings, news, and research all in one place.

The site also created the Invest Before the Street Program, a hands-on, real world investing and financial analysis training that teaches users the skills used by top investors and analysts. The idea is help students learn how to identify high-quality, valuable companies often before the market notices them or see their value when they've fallen out of favor with the market.


Since its inception in 2010, has grown to become a global leader in breaking financial industry news- with a focus on value investing, hedge funds, large asset managers, and value investing. They have provided beneficial information for the purpose of value investing for value investors. The site contains archives of famous investors, and many investor resource pages. is well known throughout the value investing community to be a key source for both current and continuously relevant content.  It is read on a daily basis by senior level executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and Fortune 500 companies.

Additional Resources: 

  • Conference Call Transcripts: set up automatic text message and email alerts when a company that you follow files any document with the SEC or SEDAR. Other awesome tools available here as well.  
  • Bigger Capital: Michael Bigger is an astute investor and friend who is passionate about finding opportunities that can provide him, at a minimum, of 10x returns on investment. A very successful microcap and smallcap investor, Michael was among a group of investors who sold Innovative Fibers to Alcatel for $175 million in July 2000. You can follow him on twitter @biggercapital.