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It can be lonely...we get it. Management teams of microcap companies across Canada and the USA at times feel abandoned, unsure why investors aren't finding their companies despite quarter after quarter of solid growth and numbers. It can be frustrating for even the best of management teams.

We never charge a penny for trying to help a well-intentioned microcap management team out. It's not what we are about, nor is it who we are. Helping good microcap companies become great, and become followed, is our focus.

Throughout our investing careers we have been able to build a deep network with many investors, investor relation firms, and just great all-around people that can be a valuable resource to you and your company. Whatever your needs and desires are, we can do our best to connect you with those that can help provide a solution to the issue you are facing. 

Remember, our goal at WhyMicrocaps? is to help get the word out about microcap companies like yours. Let's get in touch and see what we can do and see who we can connect you with to allow you to help get your company's great story and progress out to the investing community as a whole. 

We want to help. Let's connect.
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